To beat the Monday Blues...

Stop being a Perfectionist

~ Harriet Braiker 

Being perfect means being flawless. While, it may be good to be flawless – would you want your vacation to be flawless? Or may be a karaoke night with your friends to be flawless? As a matter of fact, you enjoy them the best when things go wrong; don’t you? 
The very same applies at workplace too. No matter what you do, work cannot be flawless. You will, in fact, learn more, grow more and will have a more enjoyable journey when you make mistakes and correct them on the way. 
On the other hand, striving for perfectionism will wear you out. It is a bane for the best performers everywhere. It is largely also the reason for you having the Monday blues! 
In that case, do you see any merit in striving for perfectionism? 
So my 2 cents – stop being a perfectionist. Go with the flow instead. Learn. Enjoy. Grow!

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