Get Hired Fast BootCamp

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Learn to implement step-by-step the 5 proven strategies for effective job search and get hired real fast!


Learn how my formula helped Jitendra and many others Get Hired Fast! 

Here’s what you will learn

  • My 5 proven strategies for getting hired fast.
  • How to beat desperation and focus on the job you really want?
  • How to make a customer-oriented resume and LinkedIn profile?
  • What is an entrepreneurial mindset and how to leverage it for job search?
  • How to showcase your thought leadership?
  • How to create a pull?


  • How to channelize your energy to adopt Amit’s brand new strategy for getting hired fast?
  • How to tap the hidden job market and get the jobs you wish?
  • How to combine efforts with direction for a fulfilled career?
  • How to have an abundance mindset and create multiple opportunities?
  • How to free yourself from self-sabotaging beliefs?
  • The success stories Amit had of himself and of the ones who he coached making it easy for you.

Day wise schedule-

Day 1: Overview of the Job Market
How the job market works and how to tap into the hidden job market?

Day 2: Making a customer-focused Resume & LinkedIn profile
How to modify your profile and make it-customer facing to leverage the power of LinkedIn to get the job offer?

Day 3: Having an entrepreneurial mindset
How to develop an entrepreneurial mindset that will play a vital role in your job search endeavor?

Day 4: Being a thought leader
How to showcase your thought leadership, why is it important, and how to leverage its power for getting hired?

Day 5: Creating a pull
How to get discovered by recruiters and hiring managers rather than you having to find them?


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