Get Hired Fast

What you will learn in the webinar? Five Strategies For Effective Job Search During The Tough Times

Overview of the job market

How the job market works and how to tap into the hidden job market?

Making customer-focused LinkedIn profile

How to modify your profile and make it-customer facing to leverage the power of LinkedIn to get the job offer?

Having an entrepreneurial mindset

How to develop an entrepreneurial mindset which will play a vital role in your job search endeavor?

Being a thought leader

How to showcase your thought leadership, why is it important, and how to leverage its power for getting hired?

Creating a pull

How to get discovered by recruiters and hiring managers rather than you having to find them?

To learn the new strategies and get hired fast....

What previous students are saying... A few words from those who got hired fast!

Jitendra Mittal Finance & Banking Professional

I had been jobless for 3 long years. All my efforts of searching for a job were in vain. I could not figure out what I had been doing wrong. Amit then introduced me to the modern job search strategy. I was skeptical in the beginning. But I did exactly what he said, and I got a job in 3 months – which paid me beyond my expectations. 

Himanshu Chaudhary IT Professional

I owe my first job and the ones I could get subsequently to Amit’s strategy. It may sound like a lot of work but it is worth it. The strategy is rock-solid and there is no way you can’t get the job of your dreams with this. Must implement. 

Vijaya Rangaswamy Leadership Expert

I had been in crisis. I had lost my job and had been looking for one for long but in vain. Whatever I did, nothing seemed to work. That is when I hired Amit as a coach and he coached me through this wonderful job-search strategy. I could get eight interview calls and converted one into an offer that I proudly flaunt of! 

Amit Chilka 10X Career Success Coach

I catalyze peak performance for individuals and organizations. As a 10X Career Success Coach, I have helped 1000s of professionals with a personalized strategy to achieve grand breakthroughs like getting a job of their dreams, getting a hefty salary hike, getting a much-deserved promotion, or undergoing a career transition.

Learn the five strategies for effective job search during the tough times