Contents of the eBook You will learn 5 key aspects in Double Promotion Half the Effort eBook.

In the most awaited book, Double Promotion Half the Effort, The proven 10-step formula to achieve grand career breakthroughs; Amit introduces you to a rock-solid strategy for career advancement. This strategy will help you get rid of all the career-related problems in a jiffy. Amit uncovers the best-kept secrets of the highfliers, which guarantees you a double promotion in exactly half the effort. 

Amit opines that all the People who skyrocket in their career are not lucky, they just have a better game plan to get ahead. 

In this book, Double Promotion Half the Effort, Amit teaches the exact strategy that has got him and a thousand other individuals he coached, a double promotion. This strategy comprises –  

The ONE thing

Setting goals and chasing them is a passe. Instead, Discover the ONE thing that matters to you the most and channelise your energy in making it happen.

Manage Perceptions

Perceptions become reality. People believe in what they see. It thus becomes imperative to manage perceptions you are creating.

Create Value

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. Thus, learn to embrace the artisan’s mindset and ask yourself what difference could I make that other people would love? 

Leverage by Influence

To be effective in organizations today, you must be able to influence people. Learn powerful tips to influence people. 


Know whether you are winning or losing every single time. Create a fail-proof system to set yourself up for success.
Career Advancement Blueprint

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What The Readers Are Saying Now if I did not convince you, maybe a few words from the readers will!

Vijaya Rangaswamy Leadership Expert

I have attended Amit’s 10X program in the past and now reading his book. He has translated all his learnings & expertise so beautifully into this book.
The career strategy in his book is very practical & easily implementable by professionals at any stage of their career. This book helps you introspect on self and provides a SMART strategy for growth. Coming from the learning and development space of career, my exposure to most of such strategies are quite often. But this book personally feels like a Career growth BHAGWATHGEETA to me.

Shailesh Patwardhan Associate Vice President - Mphasis

Double Promotion Half the Effort makes for engaging reading and demonstrates with examples the steps one can take to advance their career. Key messages called out throughout the book themselves make good nuggets of advice. Following the steps systematically can help propel your career.

Shanthi Salvankar Sr. Executive - Learning & Development

I couldn’t help but get glued to read this book in one go. Stupendous storytelling by Amit kept me hooked from the beginning till the end. The finest aspect of professional life which is either taken for granted or overlooked are very well captured only to emphasize, if paid attention & taken care can become the magic wand for you. If you have ever thought – let me go with the flow here is a stir!. Make the flow follow you as you go. If you really want to realize your beautiful dream of One Big Thing turning into a reality, this book is a must-read for you. From practical tips to proven formulae, it has everything that can skyrocket your career as Amit rightly believes.

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Amit Chilka Book Author, Fast Track Promotion Coach

Amit Chilka is the founder of ‘Design Your Career’ whose work on career strategy has won thousands of hearts when they had breakthroughs in their career.
Now he is on a mission to transform careers of millions of people struggling with their career.
He is the most sought after coach and speaker when it comes to career advancement. 

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