To beat the Monday Blues...


It is that time of the year when everyone’s ready to welcome the new year with a bang. Celebrations galore, despite how the year has been! It is that time of the year when everyone forgets the lows they have had through the year. Everyone’s focusing on just one thing – enjoying to the fullest!

Everyone usually awaits this time of the year to be able to celebrate. And that is where we FAIL!

Teresa Amabile from The Harvard Business School analyzed nearly 12,000 diary entries from 238 employees in seven companies they found something very interesting:

The efforts of tracking small achievements every day enhanced the people’s motivation. It helps appreciate small wins which in turn boosts the sense of confidence. (The power of small wins)

If that is so, why wait for the year end to be able to celebrate?

So, to beat the Monday blues today, make a New Year resolution to track small achievements and celebrate every single day!

Have a great 2020 without the Monday blues!

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