To beat the Monday Blues...

Ask Power Questions

Cheers to the first Monday of the year!

For most of you it could be the first working day after a long vacation. And after the vacation or otherwise, if you are having Monday blues – it is time for some serious introspection.

You always have 2 choices. And the new year offers you 2 choices too –

Choice # 1: Keep doing what you have been doing and drift.

Choice # 2: Look at things from fresh perspective, design a strategy and make it a year of grand career breakthroughs.

So what’s your choice for 2020?

If you choose the latter, then I recommend you to ask yourself the 6 power questions listed in my blog post here to help you get started on your journey of grand career breakthroughs in 2020.

These will energise your Monday for a great 2020!  

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