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Individuals who want to -

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Negotiate a hefty salary hike

Get double promotion
in half the effort

escape 9 to 5 RUT


The coaching methodology is primarily focused on you achieving 
grand breakthroughs in your career and is a continuous process 
to achieve full potential and get superfast growth.

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Dream Job Coaching

Are you trapped in a job you hate? Do you wish to pursue a more fulfilling job without sacrificing financial security? With Amit’s unique Dream Job Coaching, you will uncover the secrets find the job of your dreams. Even if you’re unsure of your dream job is, don’t worry Amit will help.

Interview Coaching

The Interview is a stage and you are an actor. Unless you have played your part well, you will not be able to win the award for best performance – the job offer! Amit’s Interview is a Stage is a unique coaching methodology that will help you ace the interview and be offered the job you apply for.


Salary Negotiation Coaching

Are you being paid what you are worth? Look around – you will see a lot of people with less experience getting paid more. If you are wondering why that happens – they are good at negotiating their salary! With personalized salary negotiation coaching with Amit, you will learn the skills you need to get paid your worth whether you are starting a new job or asking for the raise you deserve!

Fast-track Promotion Coaching

Are you being overlooked for promotions? Are you putting in a lot of effort but not getting the visibility? Amit’s Fast-track Promotion Coaching will help you discover the Double Promotion Half Effort formula and maximize your potential. Amit provides customized coaching to help you move fast on your career ladder!


Career Transition Coaching

Escape your 9-to-5 job to pursue the career of your dreams with Amit’s secret sauce for Career Transition. Amit’s unique eSCAPE coaching methodology helps you get out of the rat race and gives you the freedom to live life on your own terms! 

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